Assorted Questions & Such

Some people tell me I remind them of a Disney princess, the hairy one. Others say that the thoughts in my head could use some company. You decide. This is your daily dose of assorted questions.

Here's to the fundamentals,


How should Florida redraw it's state House and Senate districts?

by Nico Hohman
tags: politics, Gerrymandering, Florida

Gerrymandered maps

Check out this history of how state voting districts in Florida have changed over the years. What should the new districts look like?

What is the composition of the labor force by educational attainment?

by Nico Hohman
tags: labor force, education, unemployment

Educational attainment

How much has getting a bachelor's degree changed the way the unemployment market behaves?

Can we ever get all new buildings to be completely net zero?

by Nico Hohman
tags: construction, sustainability, architecture

Is it going to be possible for every new construction building to either be net zero or net negative?

What can we learn from innovative cities

by Nico Hohman
tags: cities, innovation, technology

Here are 3 things we can learn from the most innovative cities in the country

Do these colors match?

by Nico Hohman
tags: colors, design, art

Color matching charts

These charts show you exactly which colors match and why they do. How are your color matching skills?

Are you entitled to a class action lawsuit settlement?

by Nico Hohman
tags: legal, justice, lawsuits

Are you entitled to a current on-going class action lawsuit settlement?

Where's that random Pizza Hut?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Pizza Hut, Google Maps, travel

Check out this list of random Pizza Hut locations in Google Maps. Which one would you like to go to?

What's going on with Team USA?

by Nico Hohman
tags: World Cup, soccer, professional sports

Here's everything you wanted to know about the USMNT qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Will they make it in this year?

How do you honor Veterans Day?

by Nico Hohman
tags: veterans, military, holidays

From the Department of Veteran Affairs, here is the official 1954 proclamation from President Eisenhower, a veterans himself, for the first Veteran's Day. How will you celebrate this day of honor?

What are this year's best toys?

by Nico Hohman
tags: toys, gift guide, Walmart

According to Walmart, here is their list for this year's best toys. Did any of your favorites make it?

How can we make housing more affordable?

by Nico Hohman
tags: housing, affordability, construction

Everyone knows housing affordability is an issue, but what are the solutions?

What's the most popular sleeping position?

by Nico Hohman
tags: sleep, bed, health

Four in ten people sleep like a baby, that is in the fetal position. How do you like to sleep? This would certainly help me sleep more.

Who makes the best pizza?

by Nico Hohman
tags: pizza, food, rankings

Pizza makers

The best pizza makers in the U.S. recently competed for top honors. Who makes the best pizza in the country? Also, don't sleep on Betty Crocker.

How was that a sport?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Olympics, history, sports

The Olympics used to have art as a medaled sporting event in the early 20th century. Who says you have to be an athlete to compete in sports?

What are the most underrated cities in each state?

by Nico Hohman
tags: travel, tourism, cities

These are the most underrated cities in each state. Which ones have you visited?

What makes a good neighborhood?

by Nico Hohman
tags: housing, regulations, discrimination

Good neighborhoods

What do you think of when you consider living in a good neighborhood?

How's the view from up there?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Ferris wheel, UAE, heights

The UAE recently opened the world's tallest Ferris wheel. Would you sit on top of it?

What's your leadership style?

by Nico Hohman
tags: leadership, professional development, training

Can you predict what type of leader you will be?

Is it awesome, baby?

by Nico Hohman
tags: college, basketball, announcers

Watch this Dick Vitale highlight reel. Is he one of the best college basketball announcers ever or an over-the-top act? Also, grab a copy of Dick Vitale's book.

Is Halloween a religious holiday?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Halloween, religion, holidays

Halloween has roots in Catholic remembrances and celebrations. Do we still consider it a religious holiday?

Which Halloween costume was the most popular that year?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Halloween, costumes, popularity

Popular Halloween costumes

Which Halloween costume was the most popular the year you were born?

Are you wearing makeup under your mask?

by Nico Hohman
tags: beauty, makeup, cosmetics

Sales of cosmetics have increased significantly since mask mandates have eased. Are you wearing more makeup now than a year ago?

How many podcasts do you listen to?

by Nico Hohman
tags: podcast, listeners, engagement

According to Nielson, 49 percent of Americans have listened to at least one podcast in the last month. How many have you listened to?

Why has subway usage gone down?

by Nico Hohman
tags: public transportation, metro, subway

In nearly every year since 2011, Metro rail ridership in Washington, D.C. has gone down. Why are fewer people taking the subway?

What are the 5 pillars of virtuous leadership?

by Nico Hohman
tags: leadership development, virtues, skills training

Can you boil your leadership style into five categories?

What's the most expensive thing on Etsy?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Etsy, art, gifts

Most expensive Etsy product

Would you spend $56,906.47 on this painting that is currently being sold on Etsy? Check out the most expensive thing on Amazon right now.

Are "a-ha!" moments overrated?

by Nico Hohman
tags: creativity, discovery, break-throughs

New research shows that people give too much credit to inspiration instead of persistence when it comes to creativity. What do you think about it?

Are costumes at the office acceptable?

by Nico Hohman
tags: Halloween, costumes, work

As Halloween is coming up, do you think it is acceptable to wear costumes in the workplace?

Should we redraw state lines?

by Nico Hohman
tags: states, state boundaries, economic regions, mega-regions

New state boundaries

Should U.S. state boundaries be determined by economic regions?

Which foods pack a protein punch?

by Nico Hohman
tags: food, calories, energy, protein

Which food do you think has the highest amount of protein per calorie?

Is this the most historic gas station in the country?

by Nico Hohman
tags: architecture, historic places, gas stations

This gas station in Kansas City, Missouri is the latest place to be added to the National Registry of Historic Places. Could this be the coolest, most historic gas station in the country?

Is the hybrid work honeymoon over?

by Nico Hohman
tags: future of work, office, coronavirus

Is it time to say goodbye to hybrid work or is going to be the new way we work?

Can Americans really get on board with bidets?

by Nico Hohman
tags: bidet, covid, toilet paper

Bidet sales

Even a year and a half after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, bidet sales are still soaring. Will this trend really continue post pandemic? Get a bidet for yourself and try it on.

Need something to do with your master's degree?

by Nico Hohman
tags: NASA, Mars, outer space

NASA has put out an open casting call for anyone with a master's degree in a STEM related field to simulate a year on Mars. Interested in applying?

How fast can you run the 3 Cone Drill?

by Nico Hohman
tags: NFL, professional sports, agility drills

The 3 Cone Drill is an agility assessment used by NFL scouts to evaluate the footwork of potential professional football players. Grab some cones and practice your time.

What's the best old school insult?

by Nico Hohman
tags: quotes, comedy, insults

Here's a collection of the finest insults ever compiled. Here are my favorites.

Are complicated tie knots better?

by Nico Hohman
tags: clothes, fashion, ties

Complicated tie knot

Is this incredibly complicated tie knot better looking than a regular tie knot? How about some of these tie knotting options?

Are baseball games too long?

by Nico Hohman
tags: baseball, professional sports, time

Major League Baseball games averaged 3 hours and 11 minutes of game play this season. Is that too long?